What is a house concert?

I'm glad you asked! At a base level, house concerts are concerts in private homes, or backyards, or poolsides, or anywhere really, with a more intimate audience, usually with 15+ guests. The audiences are generally invited by the host, although the concerts can be public or semi-public as well. Think of them as music parties, with a professional musician right there in your house. Usually, it's around an hour and 15 to an hour and a half of music, either as one set or two with a break in the middle. This is flexible however! There is usually a suggested donation of $10-$25, and all money goes to the musician. Most towns have pretty strict rules once it becomes a "business", so it's best to keep it simple like this. There is sometimes a pot-luck before the show, and usually some small hors d'oeuvres. Alcohol optional! 

On a deeper level, house concerts are truly my favorite events to play. I've found that they allow for a deeper connection between the artist and audience, because there are less distractions - no loud bars, no chatty club audiences. The people are there to listen and connect with each other and the music. It allows for a more flexible performance - storytelling, getting to know each other on a deeper level, sing alongs, spontaneous jams, everything you can imagine. It's a GREAT time!

So, you want to book a house concert? great!

Awesome!! I think that's a really great idea. As I said before, I love playing house concerts, so I am pretty flexible when it comes to what I need from hosts. I have all of my own gear - speakers, mics, stands, lights if needed, etc. Gear wise, all I really need is an outlet to plug my surge protector into! So, what's needed from you? 

This depends on several factors, mostly whether or not I'm in the area already, but generally I would need at least ten people in attendance. Again, even that is flexible, depending on the area, but that's usually the minimum. I've played great house concerts to very small audiences when there were last minute cancellations. I'd also need a commitment from you to have a great time and do your best to get an audience out, and if it is a public or semi-public show, I will do the same! And really... that's about it!  

I tour around the country regularly, so we should be able to find a date that works.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! You can email me at samrobbinsmusic@gmail.com or use the contact form below. Thanks so much! 

- Sam