I am an artist because art is the anchor that I have held on to throughout my entire life. From my childhood to now in my early twenties, music has been what I measure my life by, and it is what directs me where to go. Music has influenced me in every way imaginable; I simply can’t imagine my world without it. At a young age, I was completely enamored with playing the drums, which has led me to make decisions and join groups that have built lasting relationships that are central to my life now. The drums were the first time I experienced what music can do for me. How music can show me the truth of my life. Playing drums allowed me to have a sort of clairvoyance and calm that I couldn’t achieve any other way. Today, I write and sing my own music as a way of expressing myself in hopes of reaching my audience.
I sing, play and write the way I do because I want to create a sense of intimacy. I want my music to be felt and related to. The best way I’ve found to achieve this is to level with my audience, and to be one with them. This means that I don’t feel above my listeners at all, and I hope to make everyone feel welcome and included in listening to my music.
            My work today is the ultimate joy of my life. I get to play music as a full time job, and I get to write my own songs for audiences to listen to and feel. Not only is my music how I support myself financially and what I do on an almost daily basis, but it is also a reflection of my life. My music helps me to understand what is going on in my life and how I fit in the world, and how the world affects me. Especially when songwriting, I feel that writing clears away the fog and uncertainty of my life and allows me to see a certain truth in the situations I am writing about. Often, when I am feeling confused, I write as a therapeutic experience that allows me to work through difficult or confusing periods of my life.
I developed my intimate, acoustic soul music style out of a need to express myself and a deep need to be understood. This is the best way I can be understood. In my music, I am exploring how far I can go with my musicality and my lyricism to express myself in the most articulate way, to keep my instrumental intriguing and accessible to anyone, and to spread my story and my philosophies so that others can relate. Like I said before; my work in music today is the ultimate joy of my life, and it is the looking glass through which I interpret my world.